ASK Provides Education for the Maasai.

Teri Gabrielsen, the founder of Africa Schools of Kenya (ASK) is interviewed on Socially Conscious Investing online radio. This is a particularly inspiring episode that addresses the Maasai children’s academic education as well as on healthy living, environmental sustainability, animal & wildlife conservation, and cultural diversity. Education for women provides the added benefit of allowing them choice on certain cultural practices including female circumcision.

Teri has also introduced a sales channel for the women’s wonderful beading. Home parties can be hosted by anyone and serve to support the Maasai school and community.

A documentary video that has been entered in several film festivals shows the incredible beauty of Maasai Land and its culture. Enjoy watching an out-take from it and learn how you can help support ASK’s mission.

Each episode of Socially Conscious Investing focuses on the myriad of ways that everyone can participate in helping change the world for the better. Subscribe to this blog to learn about each episode and get the week’s link.

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