DEMO God Birdeez iPhone App Makes Birding Easy.

According to Jeff Simeon of Birdeez, the honor and excitement was great being invited to demonstrate their new iPhone app at DEMO, the launch pad for emerging technologies and trends for over 20 years. Not only did they win a coveted award, DEMO God, but they were able to launch the California version for the new birdwatching iPhone app.

Birdeez makes birdwatching fun and accessible for novices and experts alike. It not only quickly identifies wild birds through geolocation, a recent sightings list of birds and some quick entries regarding size, shape and color, it also helps scientists track birds to gain more data from every sighting. Plus, it is the intent of the Birdeez team that it will promote greater interest and understanding of our natural environment by making birdwatching fun and easy for children and adults alike.

It brings new depth to the term “birding on the net” by connecting an iPhone to Internet data tracking and identifying types of birds. Although the app is only currently able to ID California birds, it will ultimately cover all birds of North America. You can also sign up now for rare bird alerts.

Watch the video below to see Birdeez in action at DEMO with a falcon on stage, and click here to listen to Jeff’s first interview about Birdeez>.

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