H4O: Youth Bring Clean Water to Fight Extreme Poverty

Push Play to hear about Hands4Others (H4O) and how high school and college students are fighting extreme poverty by bringing clean water to villages globally.

Jeanne David, Executive Director for H4O, and Spencer Dusebout, founding student, share the goals and achievements made in only 2 years by Hands 4 Others, an organization focused on involving youth to make a difference globally.  By focusing on clean water, they are helping stop the cycle of extreme poverty.

Since its inception, H4O has partnered with Water Missions International, an engineering organization that has developed water filtration systems that are essentially mini water-treatment plants.  Their solutions address clean water and health solutions that are custom to the villages’ needs and that employ local workers to implement it.  Micro-lending is entering the equation as well to assure sustainable practices for the areas being served.  Water Missions International has provided safe water access and sanitation solutions to more than two million people since it’s founding in 2001.

Other youth are getting involved by starting chapters in their towns and cities, holding “water walks” and other funding raising activities.  For example, 18-year-old local surf pro Lakey Peterson held a Surf4Water campaign in July 2012. Initially setting out to raise funds for six water filtration systems for the island of Rote in Indonesia, the success of Surf4Water quickly expanded the goal into a campaign to fund 15 systems that will be implemented by Water Missions International over a three-year period.

Join H4O’s Facebook page and follow on Twitter to get involved and support the work being accomplished.  Watch the video beloe to learn more.


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