How to Get Small Business Funding, Startup Money, Angel Investors

Push play to learn the steps to getting startup money and for growing your small business through angels investors.

The founder of California Coast Venture Forum (CCVF) and the Clean Business Summit (CBIS), Jerry Knotts, shares his extensive knowledge about the steps required to get angel investors and venture capital (VC). What is needed to start the process, and what is ultimate process for getting startup money or money for a growing company?

A perfect financial plan is not the key. Instead, the first step is a two-page or shorter Executive Summary and 10 minute presentation. Plus being flexible throughout the process and accepting changes to your plan is central to success. Investors want to assure a 3 to 5 times increase in their investment in 3 to 5 years and will provide the questions and guidance in the due diligence phase with this goal in mind.

Speed to market is often critical, so the goal for everyone is to achieve funding within 3 months, sometimes much sooner. Thoroughly knowing your market and competition and getting the protection needed in the way of patents and copyrights is foundational to reducing the risk for investors. Starting here is smart preparation. Listen to the audio interview to get full details.

CBIS occurs on August 10, 2012, at the Corwin Pavilion at University California Santa Barbara (UCSB). The deadline to apply as a presenter is July 20, and the one day workshop held at Antioch College in Santa Barbara is July 26. Click here to get more information and apply.

Other organizations in Santa Barbara working with entrepreneurs include the MIT Enterprise Forum headed by Peter Hartman, and Alan Tratner’s Green2Gold Space Enterprise Incubator.

Visit Gideon Rubin’s interview about StartUp America and StartUp Santa Barbara to hear about the growth in entrepreneurship and how America is supporting it.


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  2. Alex

    Thanks for the useful tips! I’m definitely keeping all this in mind as I’m currently trying to get some investors to finance some projects I’m developing right now! 😉

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    Great information and you have some great ideas here on how to get small business funding to start. This will actually helps me a lot and I am very much thankful for sharing this to us.

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