International Youth at Risk Program Connects, Educates and Develops Entrepreneurs.

Push Play to hear Nathalie Gensac, a 2008 Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the year nominee, share her path to establishing an international program designed to connect youth at risk, educate, develop entrepreneurs, share cultures and grow a new generation of leaders. is establishing its headquarters in Santa Barbara, California where a free after school program teaches technology and art while developing young entrepreneurs and connecting students internationally. Youth Interactive’s intent is to provide a 21st century education across five continents. Using media, technology, entrepreneurship and the power of the Internet, students and communities on both sides of the economic border are joined to enjoy cultural exchange and to create better life opportunities for kids who are most in need.

This free, after school program also connects students with local business owners, entrepreneurs and mentors who help the students design and produce products to sell in the program’s store. Based on the 826 Valencia model, products made by the students and brought from around the world will not only teach entrepreneurship but also provide sales channels for the global Youth Interactive community.

Youth Interactive grew from Nathalie’s work through Media4Good, an organization dedicated to to providing global communities and projects a voice through film thereby offering financial transparency and accomplishing clear communication on their projects. At its core, Media4Good is a social mission driven organization applying market-based strategies to achieve social good. Its objectives are clear in using media, business and partnerships help to raise funds, raise awareness and assure a responsible approach to combating poverty and violence globally.

Please take a few moments to view the website and its videos that capture some of the incredible work being accomplished by women in some of the most violent and impoverished communities.


2 thoughts on “International Youth at Risk Program Connects, Educates and Develops Entrepreneurs.

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  2. Afton Clarke@Cognita Group

    The youth interactive program such as the one described in the post above provides the students with the first hand experience with the Business World, which happens to the major backbone of our economy. The interactions with the leading young entrepreneurs gives them an insight about the logical and the business driven thinking.

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