Latino Community Benefits by Valoramas Discount Shopping and More.

Push play to hear Alejandra Garza share the evolution of, an online shopping community that gives back to strategic community organizations serving the Latino Community.

Valoramas is a Hispanic culture community where members can shop and enjoy discounts and rebates from over 3000 retailers that provide products for families. The collective buying power of the Latino community is growing and forecast to become $1.4 trillion by 2013-2014. The Valoramas membership site will soon include online social chats for the members to connect as well as resources for education, arts, health and financial security.

The concept of attracting a specific community by providing discounted shopping and then, within this aggregated community, providing additional resources central to the health and well-being of the individuals and families is a concept that could be replicated to various other groups of people. By forming a collective economic community that benefits the members, this hybrid business model combines and serves public and social needs in a sustainable, market-driven manner. Although collectives and cooperatives are not a new idea, accomplishing them online is powerful.

Revenue streams include the paid membership, commissioned revenue from online sales, advertising sales and exclusive content licensing, merchant services for promotional products and finally providing analytics for the collective voice and shopping behavior. A portion of that revenue is collected into the Founders Grant to be given back to various Latino-based community organizations thereby supporting important social needs of the community. Everybody wins.

Watch the video below to enjoy the results of the grants given within the Houston Texas Latino community similar to those given in Chicago.

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    this is a very interesting marketing strategy focusing on one race as a target market, i wouldnt be surprised if they repeated this with another ethnic group

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