Liberian Women for Peace and Social Entrepreneurs Build West African Economy

Push Play to hear Chid Liberty, co-founder of the first Fair Trade factory in Africa, share the impact social entrepreneurship has made on Western Africa’s economy.

Liberia has been a country torn by civil war until a group of women for peace ended it and helped put Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as the first woman head of State in Africa.  Some of these same women are now busy at work building industry and more jobs with Chid Liberty and his partner Adam Butlein, social entrepreneurs and founders of Liberty and Justice, a textile, garment manufacturing company in Liberia.

This remarkable venture, the first and only Fair Trade  factory in all of Africa,  is now expanding into Ghana to satisfy growing international orders and MOUs.  In addition to being Fair Trade, Liberty and Justice is 49% owned by its primarily women employees.  As a result, jobs are not only growing, but the women play a primary role in lifting both their families and communities from extreme poverty.  Within its 3 years of operation, schools have been built and churches that provide important social services have been funded by the women with support from Liberty and Justice.

According to Chid Liberty, the decision to make the factory employee owned in addition to being Fair Trade was a wise business decision.  The women arrive to work early and take great pride in not only the quality of work but keeping operations efficient.  It’s been key to the success of the venture from the beginning.

In addition to his work at Liberty and Justice, Chid Liberty lectures internationally including at such prestigious universities as Stanford, Princeton Universities and at IE in Madrid, Spain. Chid was recognized by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her 2011 State of the Nation Address for his leadership in shaping trade policy and entrepreneurship. He is a recipient of the 2011 SVN Social Innovation Award and works as an advisor to leading organizations addressing global challenges including Fair Trade USA, GIIRS, and the Opportunity Collaboration.

Chid recommends the following books for those wishing to learn more about Africa, its economy, and becoming a social entrepreneur. The end of this interview also shares an exciting opportunity for those inspired and knowledgeable entrepreneurs motivated to work in Africa. Be sure to listen to the end of this interview. Also visit the Liberty and Justice press page to read the many interesting articles covering the path of this remarkable company.

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  3. Roger Hamilton

    Nice article, i would like to add that in these ever evolving times people need
    to learn from how Social entrepreneurs bring about a real change to real issues by
    recognizing the opportunities that lie within failures

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