Permaculture: Sustainable Agriculture Providing Safe and Multiple ROI.

Push play to hear Warren Brush share how permaculture is providing an impact investment vehicle that simultaneously produces multiple revenue streams and a forecast ROI of 6%.

By mimicking natural systems in sustainable agriculture, a project named Regenerative Earth is producing ecological, economic, social and cultural benefits rolled up together into “natural capital.” An existing organic farm having avocados, pomegranates and a creamery is being transformed as a family foundation investment.

Warren and his team have moved the farm from simply organic to sustainable agriculture. It’s now a resilient food system rather than the more dangerous and vulnerable current agricultural practices of relying on one crop at a time.

Layering life forms in the understory of the orchard, natural methods of soil regeneration and fertilizing are used including the multiple benefits of chickens and pigs. These permaculture practices are reducing water requirements and other agricultural costs by increasing efficiency. The hope is to replicate this example of sustainable farming in support of expanding local food production and distribution into communities everywhere.

The basic concept is to add life to gardening through multiple forms. Warren teaches permaculture at Quail Springs in Maricopa, California. You may also listen to Warren’s first interview about the classes and the youth benefiting from Quail Springs courses.

For farms and large projects wishing more information about permaculture design, visit


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