Personalized Video Increases Sales

Did you click on the video above and sign-in with Facebook? If not, do so now. Did you see your city mentioned? Was your name used? How about a picture of you at the end?

Curious how Personalized Videos help you to communicate on a personal level with your clients? Have you ever received a hand written note before? Did you read it?

Of Course, You Did! Because someone made it just for you. That is what we have made possible. Personalized Videos allow you to send out 1,000’s of Individualized Videos in one click of a button to all your list

How much time will you save from having to write hand written notes, and instead have the ability to achieve the same results, you can edit your personalized video in just 60 seconds in order to be more personalized with your clients.

Case studies show:

  • 74% Of Marketers Know That Personalization Increases Customer Engagement
  • Yet only 19% Of Marketers Use Personalization
  • Some Businesses Report A 2x Revenue Increase and many a 20% increase in sales
  • Businesses report between a 5x And 8x ROI On Marketing Spend
  • 94% Of Marketers Say Personalization Is Important In Meeting Marketing Objectives
  • 86% Of Consumers Say Personalization Plays A Role In Their Purchase Decisions
  • Marketers have seen a 55% Email Open Rate With Personalized Videos
  • 76% Viewers Watched Videos To The 4-Minute Mark
  • 42% Higher Conversion Rate Than Generic CTAs

Are you ready to try personalized videos? Be first and gain the advantage over your competitors.

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