Save the World’s Richness: Indigenous People, Cultures and Environment.

Push Play to hear about the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan calendar as a planetary transformation that will take us into a new future.

Barbara Savage, founder of the Tribal Trust Foundation, explains that by preserving indigenous cultures around the world, we foster people’s connection to the Earth and promote worldwide environmental stewardship while transforming our own connections to life and the planet. The Maya Project is one of many projects to protect indigenous tribes including the Maya, the Kalahari bushmen, the Mbuti of Ituri and other indigenous people and their cultures.

The effort in Tulum, Mexico, serves as a global model for engaging local communities in educating youth and sharing histories and beliefs to further understanding and preservation of the Maya. The goal is to develop an environmental education program that offers long-term sustainable solutions that can be replicated all over the globe.

The Maya project is one of many over the 16 years of work and travel that has reconnected people with their history, saved lives from genocide and protected the environment so future generations can experience the richness of a varied world. To complete the project and prepare for local high school girls to visit Mayan girls and exchange understanding and history while protecting the environment, two events are planned. Click here to learn how you can participate.

Watch the video below as an example of the success the Tribal Trust has experienced in helping indigenous people.

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