Solution for Afghanistan War and Terrorism: Education and Jobs.

Push Play to hear Hassina Sherjan speak about education and creating jobs in Afghanistan to resolve war and its scars.

A native Afghan, Hassina Sherjan educates not only women in Afghanistan but also boys in order to help end terrorism, rebuild the economy and heal the country after 3 generations of conflict. With a 90% illiteracy rate, the challenge is great, yet she has built classrooms in 19 provinces for the marginalized women, girls and boys who otherwise would not have the opportunity of education. The current Afghanistan government has laws that still prevent people over 10 years old from joining school, and due to the war in Afghanistan many have not had access.

Hassina is actively looking to expand access to education by building more classrooms in more locations, recruiting and developing teachers. However, the aid she has been receiving through foreign governments must be diversified and expanded to address the depth of the problem. Although she currently has over 3000 students who are rapidly progressing and entering college, that is a small portion of the uneducated population of Afghanistan due to the years of conflict and outdated laws. Visit and to learn more about how you can help by spreading the word. Hassina’s email is also available to start a discussion about how you can help.

In addition to educating the people of Afghanistan, Hassina is a social entrepreneur having established a home decor business,, that provides jobs and preserves the Afghanistan culture and its rich embroidery. Recently, through a collaboration with Butterfly Works in Holland, she also is producing elegantly embroidered birds of peace, Her intent is to grow the business to include cotton production and to manufacture internationally distributed products.

To accomplish this, she is looking for support in design, cotton weaving and production, expansion of sales channels, manufacturing and more. Watch the video below and listen to the audio above to hear more detail and learn more about the conflict, terrorism, education and business in Afghanistan.

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