Unite-to-Light Helps Fight Extreme Poverty

This week, on May 4, Claude Dorais of Unite-to-Light is interviewed on Socially Conscious Investing airing on WomensRadio.com.

Join us to hear how University of California Santa Barbara’s (UCSB) Institute for Energy Efficiency joined with Engineers without Borders and others to design and produce solar-powered LED lights to distribute to the developing world. 1.5 Billion people have no available electricity and, as a result, use kerosene, wood or other dangerous and inefficient forms of light. The result is continued lack of education and continued obstacles to rising above extreme poverty.

The unique approach by Unite-to-Light to distribute these lights allows them to take a capital investment enough to produce 1000 lights and ultimately produce 19,000. It is a hybrid of nonprofit with for-profit distributors, yet the mission to provide affordable light to those greatest in need is successfully addressed.

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