Unite-to-Light LED Solar Lights Save Lives in Extreme Poverty

Push play to hear Dawn O’Bar, VP of Unite-to-Light, share inspiring stories of bringing light to darkness with solar-powered LED lamps.

Unite-to-Light designs and distributes solar-powered LED lights in areas of extreme poverty where 1.5 billion people do not have direct access to electricity. Instead, they rely on kerosene, candles or firewood for lighting – all of which are relativity expensive, provide inferior light for reading not to mention the danger to health from kerosene fumes, fire and smoke.

These LED lights are now available in 50 countries on four continents, plus they have been used in areas of natural disaster including Hurricane Sandy. The newest product combines a cell phone charging system. Although the use of mobile phones has expanded into rural areas without access to electricity, charging can be a problem. Now, crucial communication that connects communities is possible.

Medical emergencies, the births of children, reading for education and work at night to bring in extra support for the family are all possible due to one small light. Plus local people are building businesses that distribute and service the lights. Hear the story of the Solar Sisters in Ghana.  Push play above to also hear about Lights for Luke and about other children who are bringing light.

The links below are for prior interviews that give more detail about the history and accomplishments of Unite-to-Light:
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  1. DBM Solar

    I am one of the supporters of solar energy. I am part of an organization which promotes solar panels for houses and buildings. I hope more people will be part of this advocacy.

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