Vote Today to Address Healthcare and Safe Water for India’s Extreme Poverty.

Push play to hear Jim Villnueava of The Eleos Foundation share how you can help save the lives of millions in India by voting for Healthpoint’s virtual medical clinics and safe water.

Healthpoint is a virtual medical clinic that consists of four economically sustainable social ventures all housed in one building located in villages of extreme poverty in rural India:

  1. Healthpoint brings the doctors to the village through broadband connection with video access between doctor and patient. Doctors live and work from the call center in Bhatinda, Punjab.
  2. The clinic building houses a subscription based clean water service at very affordable prices.
  3. A small diagnostic facility identifies the broad scope of health issues, 60 to 70% of which result from unclean water.
  4. A pharmacy provides safe drugs at affordable prices.

Bloomberg’s Business Week has chosen Healthpoint as one in 25 finalists for America’s Most Promising Social Entrepeneurs. By voting before July 12, 2012, you can help Healthpoint get the recognition it deserves and strengthen its ability to continue its expansion rate of 5 clinics a month.

The Eleos Foundation has supported Healthpoint since its launch and, in fact, has known and supported the work of its CEO, Amit Jain, at the Naandi Foundation where he developed reverse osmosis water systems and became the leader of safe water industry in India by reaching 2.5 million people. In 2010, The Eleos Foundation began its own work as a pioneer in impact investments that has since expanded to include Kenya, Liberia and soon South and Central America.

The Eleos Foundation supports social entrepreneurship that addresses extreme poverty by developing market-based social enterprises. Both business capital and mentors are provided to help assure the success of social ventures that have undergone intensive due diligence on the part of The Eleos Foundation.

The Eleos Foundation supports the belief that extreme poverty can best be addressed and resolved through sustainable and scalable solutions that get market forces working in the direction of social change. By harnessing market-based forces, positive change can be sustained in areas of extreme poverty.

To learn more about The Eleos Foundation, visit its YouTube Channel, Eleos Vision, “like” its Facebook page and get involved by educating yourself through the programs provided by Eleos. You mya also listen to past interview with The Eleos Foundation’s Executive Director, Andy Lower:
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You may also enjoy hearing Chid Liberty, another social entrepreneur in which Eleos has invested and the founder of the first free=trade factory in all of Africa:
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