What is Renewable Green Energy: The Facts, Fiction Behind Its Success.

Push play to hear Craig Shields discuss green, renewable energy, the facts and fiction behind its success.

There are five basic technologies in renewable, clean energy: solar, wind, bio mass, geothermal and hydro-kinetics or hydrology. Craig Shields, co-founder of 2GreenEnergy.com, combines his 30 years leading a technology marketing agency with his physics background to help entrepreneurs in the clean energy sector connect with investors. He also has set the goal of one book a year to cover the complex subject of alternative energy.

Craig discusses the economic, political and technological issues impacting the success of clean energy. Are we able to develop the most promising technologies despite the lobby and political pressures placed by the oil industry? Will the future of clean energy be best piloted in developing countries where the lack of power contributes to their poverty and lack of opportunity for education? Is it possible that the pressure for lifting people from extreme poverty is great enough to by-pass any other political and economic pressures countering the development of renewable power technologies? Is the future of our planet and people dependent on the success of these new technologies? What are the technologies being developed and how do they work? Craig answers these and other questions facing the future of clean energy.

The 2GreenEnergy.com website gives multiple resources about clean energy including Craig’s blog, highly popular and respected newsletter, his webinars, access to purchasing his books and the ability to submit your business plan for his review and help in developing investors. The titles of Criag’s books are:
Renewable Energy: Following the Money (to be published)
Is Renewable Really Doable?
Renewable Energy: Facts and Fantasies

For those interested in hearing about clean energy in action, learn about REwiRE, the Stanford team’s Indonesian grid expansion venture that won the International Impact Investing Challenge.


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  2. M asad

    There are many benefits of solar energy. I appreciate the way the future of clean energy has been discussed amid the rising economic, political and social issues in the developing countries where the lack of education is prevalent amongst all. Clear emphasis should be made on the just and equal distribution of resources.

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