Why Social Media Management?

Using social media to build your business is a bit tricky. First of all, each social media site has its own personality and distinct audience that it draws. Facebook is very different from Twitter which is different from YouTube which is different from My Space, etc. Orchestrating the best social media sites to intertwine and maximize results requires expertise.

Layer onto this that B2B is fairly new to social media. There are lots of questions as to whether it’s an appropriate and productive place to be for businesses. Business to consumer (B2C) has made more sense to many, but the fact is that B2B must utilize social media or be left behind.

The statistics show that not only are the Yellow Pages an arcane and no-longer-used resource, especially by the past 2 generations, but globally, social media marketing is the trend, even paradigm shift. If you don’t believe me, check out this highly entertaining, informative and recently updated video:

Not only do I love the music, but the statistics covered certainly point a clear path for the future of business, even B2B. This is why I am focusing a great deal of my work now onto Facebook and social media services.

Facebook has an incredible future as a “new” channel for marketing with the exciting ability to laser focus on a target audience. With a good and detailed description of your buyer profile and some creativity, you can absolutely find buyers for your business.

In addition, the platform of Facebook is a great place to develop relationships with your customers, making them life-long customers and sources for reliable referral.

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